About Us

We know inherently, employees want to do well, yet they often do not know how. Whether in a leadership role or not, regardless of the industry, there is always a lot to learn with much left unspoken or assumed. This is sometimes why employees do not perform to their potential or expectations.

Debra Crombie

At Sterling Training Group, we can help you uncover the “why” and take a targeted approach in helping employees improve their performance for better business results in a way that is relevant, fun and positively impacting.

Sterling Training Group was founded by Debra Crombie. She has spent over 25 years’ in the corporate world building successful L&D teams from the ground up and working alongside of executives understanding what their key drivers are for success. Then applying the type of learning solutions that yield positive returns on their learning investment. She knows what it takes to move the needle on employee performance and has helped many companies improve their bottom line through her expertise and the support of her high performing teams. Debra holds a B.S. Management Degree from the City University of New York and a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University.

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